Culinary Students Compete in MRE Challenge

The culinary students recently competed against each other in the 2022 MRE (Meals- Ready-to-Eat) challenge run by Sgt. Brian Leon of the Rhode Island National Guard.  The overall Winner was Brody Wilson, a  senior, with a winning menu of Beef Stroganoff with Homemade Potato Noodles & a PBJ "Pop tart" made with MRE #7, the Beef Brisket Entrée. The other category winners were as follows: Entrees: 1st place dish: BBQ Beef, Bean & Rice Burger w/ pimento cheese & fried onion rings on a homemade cornbread bun. created by: Jeremie Luna, Noah Sachetti, Auston Van and Omar Morales-Hurtado, 2nd place: Beef Stroganoff w/ Homemade Potato Noodles. Created by Brody Wilson and 3rd place: Beef Bolognese w/ homemade potato gnocchi. Created by Hayley Collins. Dessert winners: 1st place dessert: PBJ "Pop Tart" by Brody Wilson, 2nd place, Pecan Pie by Raymond Green and 3rd place, Mocha Brownie w/ Espresso Mousse by: Jeremie Luna, Noah Sachetti, Auston Van and Omar Morales-Hurtado.

An amazing effort by all!