Build Your Story in Studio 107

Housed on the campus of Pilgrim High School, Studio 107 is a career and technical education program approved by the Rhode Island Department of Education. The program integrates experiences in fine arts, technology, and English language arts to prepare students to become collaborative workers, effective communicators, and creative leaders in the digital age. Students will develop a broad understanding of the A/V technology and communication industry while acquiring specific skills and knowledge that will prove essential to postsecondary study and careers in this field.

To apply to be part of the Studio 107 program, fill out this application.


Grades 9 and 10:

In addition to the student’s normal course of study, students enroll in

  • Music Theory (MU58) and
  • Digital and Video Communications I – TE137 (or TE147 and TE148). 

These courses fulfill the graduation requirements in fine arts and technology.

Grades 11 and 12: 

Students enroll in the Production English courses to fulfill the ELA graduation requirement for grades 11 and 12. (Grade 11: EN58 or EN59 and Grade 12: EN67 or EN68) Honors credit is available at both grade levels.

In grade 12, students must also enroll in one semester courses, Audio Production (MU85) and Video Production (TE130).

Additional Elective Classes Affiliated with Studio 107:

  • Music Technology and Sound Engineering (MU88) – full year course (Mandatory)

And a minimum of one fill credit from the following:

  • Digital and Video Communications 2 (TE138) – full year course
  • Film and Literature (EN81) – half year course
  • Through the Looking Glass (EN84) – half year course
  • Mass Media (EN75) – half year course
  • Theater Workshop (EN47) – half year course

Capstone Project: Studio 107 students are expected to complete a Capstone Project on an industry-related project.

College credit: Students may be eligible for college credit from Roger Williams University after completing Music Technology and Sound Engineering.  

In addition, students will have the opportunity to earn credentials for the workforce through the Skills USA.

After Graduation: Students may choose post-secondary academic pursuits in a variety of fields relating to audio and/or video productions with the skills developed over the course of the years of study in the Studio 107 program.

If you have any questions about the program, feel free to email Christopher Pratt or Andrea Place.